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Write by the Rails Founder Katherine Gotthardt Named to Northern VA Poetry Post

Katherine Gotthardt. Photo by Jan Rayl.
Katherine Gotthardt. Photo by Jan Rayl.

The Poetry Society of Virginia, a statewide organization promoting the writing and enjoyment of poetry, has appointed Bristow poet Katherine M. Gotthardt Vice President of the Society’s Northern Region. The Northern Region includes the D.C. Metro area, Stafford and Fredericksburg. As VP, Gotthardt will coordinate existing local programs, create new programs, raise the profile of the Society and recruit new members.
Gotthardt holds an M.Ed. with a writing concentration and has been writing and teaching for more than 20 years. A former community columnist for the News and Messenger, Gotthardt taught college level writing online and in the classroom and English as a Second Language (ESOL) at the Manassas Regional Adult Detention center. She currently freelances as a writer and editor, sets up websites and blogs, teaches blogging and writing and reports for Haymarket Beat.
Gotthardt’s work has appeared in various online and text journals. Poems from the Battlefield, a collection of her Civil War themed poetry, original and archival photos and period quotes, was published in 2009. Gotthardt’s illustrated children’s book, Furbily-Furld Takes on the World, an epic poem, was published in 2010. Approaching Felonias Park, a novel focusing on predatory lending, was released in 2011. Weaker Than Water, a second collection of her poetry, came out in 2013. Gotthardt expects to release a new collection of poetry in 2014. Her full profile can be found on LinkedIn.
Gotthardt is a founding member Write by the Rails, the Prince William Chapter of the Virginia Writers Club. As part of an effort to bring more Poetry Society events to the Manassas/Prince William area, Write by the Rails co-sponsored “Blogging for Writers,” an introductory workshop to help writers improve web presence, credibility and branding. Open to the public, the workshop was held Aug. 21 at Trinity Episcopal Church, 9325 West St, Manassas, from 5-7 p.m. Gotthardt and social media expert Stacia Kelly presented. The seminar was followed by the open, monthly meeting of Write by the Rails during which Gotthardt discussed how to run a writing critique session.
The Poetry Society welcomes published and unpublished poets, as well as those who just appreciate poetry. For more information about the Society, visit
Write by the Rails is a group member of the Prince William County Arts Council, which also recently named two Prince William Poets Laureate, Robert Scott and Zan Hailey. Gotthardt is one of a 15-member Prince William Poet Laureate Circle that was formed to support and fulfill the projects of the poets throughout 2014-2016, including Scott’s 10,000 Poem Project at
For more information about Write by the Rails, visit