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Silver Bear Technologies offers Cyber-support

Blue Team Assessment – Our Mission
Silver Bear Technologies Cybersecurity team is ready to employ cutting edge technology and the latest software applications that will enable customers to receive a real-time Cybersecurity threat assessment on current and future IT systems, security programs and policies and procedures. All at an affordable price.
Training the workforce is the most cost-effective way to enhance the Cybersecurity posture of any organization. Our team of certified experts in information assurance, ethical hacking and penetration testing will develop a training portfolio – tailored based on the findings – for company executives, systems administrators and the general workforce. This comprehensive training program involving group sessions, visual training aides, live demonstrations and newsletters will heighten the workforce’s IT security posture thus reducing the risk of insider threats.
Our team will perform reconnaissance on the servicing network(s), supporting facility LAN and other IP enabled systems and perform the following:
• Vulnerability Assessments
• Penetration testing – to rule out false positives
• Social Engineering
o Phishing
o Spear Phishing
• Comprehensive evaluation on the following:
o Group Policies
o Security Policies
o Physical Security
o Continuity of Operations Planning
o Disaster Recovery Plan
o Continuous Monitoring Process
o Training Program
o Change Management
o Patch Management
Tradecraft tools at our disposal (not all inclusive):