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R&K Cyber Solutions to Feature Award-Winning Cybersecurity Software at DoDIIS Worldwide Conference 2017

DoDIIS Worldwide Conference 2017
Dominating Cyberspace Against Persistent Threats

St. Louis, MO (August 13-16, 2017) – R&K Cyber Solutions will be showcasing its R&D100 Award-winning cybersecurity software “Hyperion” at the DoDIIS Worldwide Conference. The software leverages the data collection, integration and reporting capabilities of Splunk in order to provide customers with the operational intelligence necessary to make informed decisions and deliver near real-time situational awareness and share those insights with the larger Cyber Defense community.

The Hyperion system employs advanced mathematics to compute the behavior of software. It is not subject to the limitations of syntactic scanning, which depends on a prior availability of signatures, nor of dynamic execution, which can test only small fractions of massive populations of possible executions. Hyperion identifies malware in computed behavior, where it is very difficult to hide because malware must exhibit its own behavior in order to achieve its objectives. Hyperion employs Behavior Specification Units (BSUs) to represent malicious behavior, and applies them to the computed behavior. This capability provides substantial cost savings and leverages malware knowledge to produce improved results. It provides powerful behavior-based signature generation to improve effectiveness of existing AV tools for Computer Network Defense (CND).

Attendees and fellow exhibitors are encouraged to stop by the General Dynamics IT and R&K booth #125 to learn more about industry leading computer network defense services and participate in immersive and interactive technology demonstrations. During the Conference, General Dynamics IT will showcase its KeSM data visualization solution and its Cyber Threat Fusion analysis techniques.

R&K Cyber Solutions LLC (R&K) is a leading and award winning provider of Computer Network Defense (CND) Services, Enterprise Information Technology (IT) Management, and Application Development. We provide Intrusion Detection, Incident Response, Malware Reverse Engineering, and Information Assurance (IA) services, as well as Certified Security processes to the U.S. Federal Government (Civilian, Department of Defense (DoD), and Intelligence Community (IC)) and to customers in selected commercial markets.