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Most Advanced Recycling Processing Facility in DC/VA/MD to Open in Manassas

‘American Recycling Center’ will Create Jobs, Educate the Community and Save up to 1.23 Million Kilowatts of Energy, Per Day
MANASSAS, VA, November 12, 2013 – American Disposal Services is announcing the construction of the American Recycling Center; a state of the art, single stream processing facility, located in Manassas Virginia.
The facility, due to open in early January of 2014, features the most state of the art sorting equipment available, making it the most modern recycling processor in the greater Washington metropolitan area.
The American Recycling Center has the capacity to save over 1.23 million kilowatts of energy per day; enough to power a house for 150 years and drive a car over 378,000 miles.
Jobs created to staff and oversee the facility will increase economic development and stimulate the local economy. Additionally, the new products created from the facility’s recycled material will decrease our reliance on natural resources (locally and globally) as well as aid in the diversion of material from landfills.
The facility can save over half a million cubic yards of landfill space per year, vastly extending the life of landfills.
The American Recycling Center will be processing recyclables from the greater Washington DC metropolitan area; spanning as far as West Virginia to locations North of Richmond.
“At the facility, recyclables will be taken full circle: ‘Curb to Commodity.’ After being picked up and brought to the facility, materials are sorted, baled and sold to manufacturers in America and all over the world who make new products.” Paul Coury, American Disposal Services’ President said. “Producing only the highest quality materials ensures that our end product will be used for new, recycled goods. The process is essentially an infinite loop; in that no material is wasted.”
To further set the American Recycling Center apart; the completed facility will also include a hands on, interactive recycling education center, due to open in spring, 2014. There, representatives from American will continue their ongoing education of the community though their ThinkBeforeYouThrow® outreach programs. The education center will offer tours and presentations to educate schools, families and the community on recycling, as well as the facility itself.
American Disposal Services is a family owned and operated, Single Stream recycling and waste collection provider servicing communities, commercial offices, construction sites and local businesses in Virginia, Georgia, Maryland and the District of Columbia. In addition to being the largest privately owned recycling and waste hauler in the greater Washington metropolitan area, American Disposal Services is a leader in the promotion of green practices in Northern Virginia and actively educates customers and the community on how to dispose of waste and recyclable materials through the outreach program. For more information visit