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FREE Air Scrubber Installation


Hi everyone! As businesses start to reopen, we want to help you make your employees and customers feel more at ease coming to your business. Home Service Doctors is offering to to install the Aerus Air Scrubber in your business for FREE. You would just need to cover the cost of the product itself. I have included a link with a brief overview of how the air scrubber works as well as the link to the manufacturers website (


How the Aerus Air Scrubber Works


A few quick points…

  • There is a one time cost of $375 to pay for the product itself. The labor from Home Service Doctors is FREE.
  • We are asking that you put a window sticker up promoting that you have the air scrubber, if you do this we will perform the annual maintenance on the air scrubber for FREE.
  • The air scrubber is designed to work in a 3000sqft space. If your building is larger than that, you may need more than one or a larger one. This is why it is important for us to have a technician come take measurements.
  • *NOTE: the Air Scrubber has NOT been tested specifically on COVID-19, but has been effective against other similar RNA flu viruses.

If you’re interested, feel free to send Jerry Harris an email at or give us a call at 703.828.0565 (mention that you’re a chamber member) so we can get you set up for an appointment with one of our technicians to come take measurements.