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Data Center Development: A Catalyst for Economic and Social Advancement in Our Community

An Open Letter:

I am writing on behalf of the Prince William Chamber of Commerce and our 1,400 members to underscore the tremendous positive impact that data center development has brought to our community. The establishment and growth of data centers in our region have not only bolstered our economic landscape but have also significantly contributed to our social fabric.

The presence of data centers has sparked an upsurge in job creation, providing employment opportunities across a spectrum of skills and expertise. From construction and maintenance to highly specialized technical roles, the data center industry has become a vital source of employment for our residents. Additionally, these centers attract ancillary businesses and services, creating a multiplier effect that ripples through various sectors, benefiting local restaurants, hospitality, and retail establishments.

When a data center is built in our community, it means more jobs, more local investment, and more education and training opportunities for the people who live and work in greater Prince William County.  And each direct job in the data center industry supports more than six additional jobs.

A report released by the US Chamber of Commerce Technology Engagement Center shows that during construction, data centers on average employ 1,688 local workers, provide $77.7 million in wages for those workers, produce $243.5 million in output along the local economy’s supply chain, and typically generate $9.9 million in revenue for state and local governments. This is during the construction phase, before the operations even begins.  Data centers are a major driver of capital investment that increases the overall commercial tax base and thereby provides local government the revenue stream to fund schools, parks, libraries, and social services.  Last year alone, the data center industry contributed over $100 Million to the Prince William County general fund by way of taxes collected.  As this tax base increases over time, our community can count on increased services while the individual residential tax burden decreases.

We can all agree that the initial investment in data centers creates construction jobs – lots of them as these are massive projects.  In addition to the data center itself, they support road construction, power, water and sewer extension.  All the residents of our community will benefit from the enhanced infrastructure development.  And especially those businesses that provide goods and services like restaurants, fencing, landscaping, etc. that will be the mainstay of support for the construction workers and contracting companies are going to benefit from the long-term development cycle of the industry. All of this leads to more revenue for the county through taxes, thereby further benefiting the entire community.

Furthermore, the infusion of data centers has elevated our community’s technological infrastructure, enhancing our connectivity and attracting other tech-related enterprises. This progress has positioned our region as an innovation hub, drawing attention and investment from both domestic and international businesses seeking a robust digital infrastructure. 

Beyond the economic advantages, data center development has also contributed to our social fabric. Companies investing in these centers often engage in corporate social responsibility initiatives, supporting local educational programs, environmental conservation efforts, and community development projects. These partnerships foster a sense of shared responsibility and solidarity, fortifying the bond between businesses and residents.  Even our young people are benefitting from this investment; for example, one of our larger data centers created a community partnership with the Northern Virginia Community College and offers scholarships and training to people with no previous tech experience who are interested in pursuing careers in the cloud.

The Prince William Chamber of Commerce recognizes the pivotal role that data centers play in steering our community towards sustainable growth and prosperity. We encourage continued support and collaboration to leverage this industry’s potential for the betterment of our community.  The Digital Gateway Project will go a long way to fulfilling our destiny as one of America’s best places to live, work and play.


Robert Sweeney

President & CEO

Prince William Chamber of Commerce