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CyTech Services, Inc.
9720 Capital Court, Suite 200, Manassas, VA 20110


Contact:  John J. Irvine
Tel:  (703) 659-9805 x703

August 7, 2013

CyTech Services, Inc. Launches Revolutionary Enterprise Forensics Platform in August 2013

Manassas, Virginia — CyTech Services, Inc. announced the launch of its new enterprise digital forensics platform—CyFIR Enterprise.  CyTech Services purchased the enterprise software division of Paraben Corporation last February.

“CyTech is an established, service-oriented firm with strong digital forensic analysis expertise in both enterprise-level incident response and in-depth digital forensic investigations,” said Benjamin Cotton, CEO of CyTech Services, Inc. “Our senior managers are experienced digital forensic analysts themselves, and we found that no current forensics tool truly met our needs when working in the field.  We developed CyFIR to meet the unique requirements of enterprise-level digital investigations.” he continued.

With the needs of medium to large enterprise customers in mind, CyTech is changing the enterprise forensics paradigm with CyFIR’s release.  “We’ve developed CyFIR to search through an entire enterprise quickly, without the investigator being slowed by the restrictions of licensed concurrent connections,” said John Irvine, Vice President of Technology Development.  “When CyFIR searches through an enterprise, it searches the entire network at once—without causing performance issues. Search results appear from each networked computer the moment they are found, allowing analysts to begin working immediately,” he added.
CyFIR Enterprise’s features include the ability to view a remote computer’s file system in a forensically safe manner, ensuring sound evidence collection should an investigation move to criminal or civil proceedings. Additionally, investigators have the ability to view and analyze remotely running programs in memory to search for evidence of malicious code, viruses, or other unauthorized programs.  “CyFIR takes unauthorized code search and remediation to a new level,” said Irvine. “Being able to sweep an entire network for threats and instantly trace running programs back to the hard disk allows incident responders to remediate a computer intrusion much faster than with traditional tools.”  With CyFIR’s enterprise-wide search and review capabilities, CyTech designed the platform to support incident response, network forensics, eDiscovery, and insider threat issues.

For further information about CyFIR Enterprise and its capabilities, interested parties may review CyFIR’s website at


CyFIR, Inc. specializes in digital forensic software solutions targeted to the specific needs of enterprise-level organizations.  Also offering advanced digital forensic investigation and incident response services, CyFIR’s forensic staff has extensive history serving Federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies as well as corporate clients.  CyFIR, Inc. is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) and is headquartered in Manassas, VA.

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For further information about CyFIR Enterprise, or to schedule an interview, please call John Irvine at 703-659-9805 x703 or email John at

Download Release here:  CyFIR Press Release 1B