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Bi-County Parkway Essential to Area’s Future

Chambers Respond to Press Conference Opposing Bi-County Parkway

Rob Clapper, President & CEO of the Prince William Chamber of Commerce, and Tony Howard, President of Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce issued the following joint statement today regarding misconceptions as to the proposed Bi-county Parkway:
“The need for improved north-south connectivity between Loudoun andPrince William Counties has been well-documented by transportation and regional planning experts for decades. Therefore, it is deeply concerning that so much of the opposition to the proposed Bi-County Parkway is based on misconception.  Like the discussions that surrounded the development of such projects as the Fairfax County Parkway, the Prince William County Parkway and the improvements to Route 28 in Fairfax County, the proposed Bi-County Parkway has become mired in misunderstanding. But imagine where our region would be without these key roadways. Fortunately in each of those cases, the greater public good prevailed over any confusion or the desires of special interest.
We are gravely disappointed in the misinformation and apparent lack of concern for our region’s economic prosperity needs that was exhibited by our state elected representatives who declared their opposition to the desperately neededBi-County Parkwaybased on their clear misunderstanding of the facts.  Their statements referenced projects that are unrelated to theBi-County Parkwayproposal and were based on an issue that has little to do with north-south travel.
Contrary to what was said during a press conference given by these officials, improvements to Route 234 and construction of a new Bi-County Parkway(Route 234 Extended from I-66 to Route 50 and Northstar Blvd.) will not require closure of Route 29 through the Battlefield. In fact, the closing of Route 29 through the Battlefield could only be triggered by construction of the Manassas Battlefield Bypass, a project for which there is currently no funding and, in our belief, is a project that is unlikely to occur.
Also, it has been said that the Parkway would harm the Rural Crescent. However, as a planned limited-access facility, the Bi-County Parkway will help preserve this protected green space. In this way, the North-South Corridor would help to maintain the quality of life residents of our communities have come to expect.
Representing the business communities from two of the fastest growing counties inVirginia, we are intimately aware of our region’s need for greater transportation investments to alleviate congestion. We are eager to help people gain a better understanding of exactly what this project is—and is not. The proposedBi-County Parkwayin the western part of Northern Virginia is essential not only forDullesAirport’s future passenger and cargo growth but to enable our communities to meet their potential for job growth and economic development.
Like with past road projects that have added to our quality of life and economic vitality, we are confident that the citizens and elected leaders ofVirginiawill again work together for the greater good.”
As people gain a better understanding of exactly what this project is—and is not—we believe that the greater good for the residents and businesses of Loudoun and Prince William, as well as the entire northern Virginia region, will once again prevail for the Bi-County Parkway.”