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An Important Message from Experts in Class Action Settlements

Prince William County, VA- Michael Whitlock-owner of Transaction Expert has partnered alongside David Letsen and JE Lawerence & Co. Businesses who accepted Visa/ Mastercard payments from 2004-2019 may be eligible for profits taken from them. This collaboration was made to help as many businesses as possible.

JE Lawerence & Co. specializes in managing client claims in class action settlements and right now there is the biggest class action settlement in US history. “I live in Bristow and I have helped out several companies in Rappahannock County, Warrenton, Manassas and Fairfax including Burnt Ends BBQ, Clawes Carpets, Shannon Auto, Modern Remodeling, SES Mid Atlantic, Early’s Carpet, Briar Patch Bed & Breakfast, Warrenton Massage, Messick’s, Piedmont Family Practice, Warrenton Dentistry, Hamrock’s Restaurant, Molly’s Irish Pub, etc,” said David Letsen, Recovery Specialist at JE Lawerence, “I would love an opportunity to help you out.  It is an absolute slam dunk of a claim if you accepted Visa/Mastercard as payment between the years of 2004-2019.”  

Question: Who is owed money?

  • Any company who accepted Visa or Mastercard as a form of payment from 2004-2019.

Question: Why are you owed money?

  • Visa and Mastercard have been discovered manipulating the interchange fees from 2004-2019. This form of manipulation resulted in companies getting money stolen from them for those 15 years.

Question: How do you recover the money you are owed?

  • In order to receive compensation, you must file a claim. This can be done on your own or with the help of JE Lawerence. Their firm specializes in handling these specific claims.

Question: How much money will you get back?  Is it even worth filing a claim? 

  • Companies can recover a substantial amount of money because this is a commercial class action settlement worth 5.6 billion. The amount depends on how many companies file a claim and how much revenue they brought in via credit/debit cards from 2004-2019. 18 million companies qualify for this money, but the claims administrators are predicting less than 200,000 will file a claim.  Those who do not file a claim lose the money they are owed, and it then goes to the companies who did file a claim. There was a similar settlement in 2004.  That lawsuit was 2.4 billion and only 80,000 companies filed out of a possible 12 million.  Those companies received roughly 1% back from the revenue they brought in that year via credit/debit cards.

Question: How much will it cost you? 

  • JE Lawerence requires no money upfront. If they can help you recover the money, the only cost would be a percentage of the recovered amount. Your business would leave 70%.

Question: Why work with JE Lawrence?

  • We maximize the return of the money you are owed, and we do the work for you!  Plus, we have the option of challenging the recovery amount the claims administrators quote you at if we feel it low.

Deadline to file – May 31st, 2024

Question: What info is needed to file a claim with JE Lawrence?

  • Email Address
  • Phone Number’
  • Address
  • Owner’s First and Last Name
  • Company Legal Name
  • Company DBA Name
  • Tax ID #

For more information visit: – or to start your claim, contact David Letsen at 540-905-9930 or