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A Change in Plans: Free Saturday Metro Direct Bus Service Continues Throughout the Summer

PRTC has good news for those who have been enjoying free Saturday bus fares between eastern Prince William and the Franconia-Springfield Metro. Fares will continue to be free and buses will continue to run frequent service throughout the summer now that Virginia Megaprojects has decided to maintain its full funding of the bus service.
Virginia Megaprojects, which is a collaboration of the Virginia Department of Transportation and the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation, is paying 100% of operational costs for the Saturday Metro Direct bus service to encourage drivers to share their ride during weekends when the I-95/I-395 HOV lanes are closed for construction of the Express Lanes.
Previously, weekend closures of the HOV lanes were to end in the spring and Megaprojects intended to end its full funding for the bus service at that time. The PRTC Board of Commissioners had decided to continue offering the Saturday Metro Direct service but fares were to be charged and buses were to run less frequently starting on May 17.
However, Megaprojects recently informed PRTC that weekend HOV lane closures will continue throughout the summer, and as a result Megaprojects will continue its 100% support of the Saturday Metro Direct service.
Schedule brochures are being reprinted and will be available to the public as soon as possible. In the meantime, customers can find the most up-to-date timetables at
The Saturday Prince William Metro Direct bus service was introduced in September 2013 and has proven popular. The service’s high ridership mark was set on April 26 when 720 passengers used the service.
For more information about PRTC’s services, call Customer Service at (703) 730-6664 or visit

Passengers board PRTC's Prince William Metro Direct bus at the Franconia-Springfield Metro Station
Passengers board PRTC’s Prince William Metro Direct bus at the Franconia-Springfield Metro Station