Manassas, VA; 04-14-2022: SPEC Innovations is proud to announce that our product, Innoslate, has been accepted into the DoD’s Platform One Iron Bank! Iron Bank, otherwise known as the DoD Centralized Artifacts Repository (DCAR), is a collection of software that has been approved and hardened for use across the entire DoD. Innoslate is now one of over 300 container images in the Iron Bank, which includes both Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) and Free and Open-Source software (FOSS). This certification not only means a great deal for Innoslate and its capabilities; it allows Innoslate to be a part of improving DoD processes.

Innoslate is a single solution that supports the entire systems engineering discipline. Straight out of the box, Innoslate captures the user’s project through its lifecycle with no need for plug-ins or multiple tools. Innoslate is a single tool that can be used for requirements management and analysis, modeling and simulation, verification and validation, operations and support, and program management.

President of SPEC Innovations, Steve Dam, said, “We are thrilled to now be a part of Iron Bank, as we have supported the DoD since our inception in 1993. We have pushed the boundaries of cloud-computing and digital engineering for over 10 years, and we’re honored to join the Iron Bank family of DEVSECOPS tools. As the only comprehensive, cloud-native systems engineering and program management tool, we are proud to provide this capability to the broader DoD community!”

About SPEC Innovations: SPEC Innovations is a women-owned small business that has provided innovative solutions since 1993 to highly critical government and commercial programs. Our people are experts at developing complex systems for aerospace, defense, and the intelligence industry. SPEC Innovations has led a number of leading-edge systems engineering efforts for advanced systems and C4ISR architecture programs. This combination of technical expertise and the ability to communicate results provides cost-effective program support for all our clients. To learn more, visit

Innoslate, the first cloud-native MBSE tool, was developed to support the entire system lifecycle. Modeling, simulation, requirements management, testing, and program management altogether. Sopatra, powered by Innoslate, provides simulated-human performance metrics. To learn more,  visit