“When brilliant minds, with big ambitions work toward a common goal, amazing things happen.”
-BIT.AI Blog.

It is becoming more and more common for businesses to collaborate on social media in order to provide their customers with information and exposure to their companies than there has been in the past. The idea that we are are competing with each other and that there is a scarcity of profit is being proven a false narrative in the online scene. In fact, two businesses may appeal to one individual with multiple interests or goals.

For example, Sally listens to an interview between a personal training studio and physical therapist on her Facebook called “Knowing What Your Body Needs.” Turns out that Sally has been wanting to get her beach body ready for her vacation, but can’t workout due to knee pain. Sally contacts the physical therapist who is able to recommend a series of physical therapy treatments, as well as coordinate with the personal training studio so that she is able to start working out without injury.

In this situation, both businesses and the customer were able to create a relationship which benefited all involved with something as simple as an online interview. The customer was provided with a comprehensive care plan. The businesses were able to create a simple, affordable, and personal public message that represents who they are and what they do.

Revamp Physical Therapy is interested in collaborating with businesses to generate more social awareness. When you are ready to collaborate on social media, send me an email at contact.revamp.PT@gmail.com or call me at 703-672-0501.

If you are interested, but unsure of what topics could be discussed, here are a few examples:
-3 tips on how to use CBD oil (or insert your product name) to ease pain
-Why paying for a dog walking service (or insert your service here) can save you money on your medical
-Gyms aren’t the only place you can work out. Have you considered virtual reality (or insert your product

If you still are not clear on what a collaboration together could look like, get in touch. We can have a
brainstorming session to get a better picture of a potential social media post or interview.