Celebrates its 30th Anniversary on March 15, 2023
Sareen & Associates, Inc. started on March 15, 1993, by Arun
Sareen, as a consulting company to assist small to mid-sized
businesses with their financial plans. Soon after seeing how
poor the financial data small businesses had, Mr. Sareen added
accounting services to his company’s scope with a goal of
providing Timely, Meaningful, and Accurate financial
statements for clients to leverage as a management tool.
Today, Sareen & Associates, Inc. offers Tax preparation and
filing, Bookkeeping, Accounting, Payroll, Audit, and Tax
Resolution services. Between the accounting firm, their sister
company Paycheck, Inc. which processes payroll, and the latest
addition to the portfolio that helps clients with HR solutions.
The Sareen Team can handle the complete back-office for any
small business. Outsourcing these functions allows small
business owners to leverage best practices while freeing up
their own time and effort to focus on the core competencies of
their business. The CPA Firm has grown to be one of the largest
firms in Prince William County and one of the top 50 CPA Firms
in the DC metropolitan area (which includes DC, Maryland, and
Through acquisitions of other accounting firms, Sareen &
Associates, Inc. has grown its Virginia footprint to include
offices in Manassas (HQ), Stephens City, and Fredericksburg.
Additionally it has offices in Hollywood Florida and New Delhi,
India. Over the past 3 decades, the firm has grown from 2
employees to over 40.
The biggest asset that Sareen & Associates, Inc. has is its
dedicated employees. They have been here for years, and the
employee turn-over is very low. When the company offers its
service, they offer its team.
Despite inflation and COVID-19 client retention remains very
high, because of the team approach as well as the keen
attention paid to the needs of each individual client. Since the
beginning of the pandemic, the firm shared that they have
received a great deal of referrals from other tax and accounting
professionals who are not accepting more clients, are
understaffed, or have had to downsize.
When asked what drives him, Mr. Sareen shared that he enjoys
nothing more than helping his clients grow – “after all, the
more our clients grow the more we grow.” He did share that
once a client exceed revenues of $25 million annually, they are
asked to find bigger firms who can help them scale
effectively…that said, several have asked to continue services
because of the trust they have built that allowed them to reach
this point of inflection to begin with. Mr. Sareen shared that
the way he sees it, “you are either green and growing or ripe
and rotting.” He went on to say that his team lives this
philosophy of continuous growth every day and that this
philosophy has been key to reaching the 30-year milestone.
When asked if he plans to retire, he laughed – saying “the brain
is like a muscle, if you don’t use it you lose it.” As such, he plans
to keep his brain challenged and use that to fuel the company’s
growth for the next 30 years.