The Freedom Aquatic & Fitness Center is excited to announce that we have received a community grant from Sentara Community Health & Wellness Partnership. We are grateful for the support provided by this grant to reach our shared goal of improving the health of the Prince William County community by reducing the impact of sedentary lifestyles through Exercise is Medicine (EIM), a community-based exercise and lifestyle change program.

Through integration of George Mason University, community healthcare systems and Freedom Aquatic & Fitness Center, the EIM model will help to establish a standard of care where local health care providers are consistently making referrals to qualified community prevention programs in order to:

  • Implement a clinical exercise and lifestyle change program for those at risk for chronic disease implemented by qualified professionals.
  • Empower patients to become responsible in managing their health as well as increase self-efficacy to perform and maintain new healthy behaviors resulting in improved quality of life.
  • Improve biometrics (A1c, BP, BMI and body composition).

Freedom Aquatic & Fitness Center (FAFC) offers a comprehensive EIM program that provides an accessible, low-cost option to help guide and encourage sustainable lifestyle changes for improved activity levels and overall well-being. This 12-week program provides the participant an individual exercise assessment and one on one personal training sessions that best meet the needs of each unique individual. The participant also meets one on one with a Health & Wellness Coach to work on lifestyle behavior change necessary to meet their personal goals.

This program is offered to adults in Prince William County, the cities of Manassas and Manassas Park and surrounding areas who have been prescribed and referred by their health care provider or self-referred to begin, or increase, physical activity as part of their treatment plan for prevention, management and rehabilitation of chronic disease, obesity and sedentary lifestyles. Due to the generous donations of our sponsors, the Freedom Center is able to offer financial assistance for the EIM program to those who would otherwise not be able to afford this program, as insurance does not currently cover these services. Membership to the Freedom Center is not required to participate in the program.

For more information about the Exercise is Medicine program at Freedom Aquatic & Fitness Center, contact Tammy Rowland at