The idea of writing this book came from different places. First I am a firm believer that no matter how big our dreams are you can still live them. I believe in living my dreams and encouraging others to live their dreams too.

While helping clients, I have had to work with many who didn’t believe in their dreams and today they are living more fulfilled and purposeful driven lives. I thought instead of helping one client at a time, I could reach out to multiple groups in helping them live their dreams boldly. I then got the idea to create a workshop to empower women which was very well received. This idea of a workshop developed into a movement to not only help women but others live their dreams which has help turn workshops into an annual summit with speakers from around the world pour into those who are passionate about living their dreams.

From such an impact I had made in the years that desire to find a bigger purpose to reach an even wider-audience than the workshop and summit and so the idea of writing this book was born. By writing this book I’m living my purpose while I help others live theirs as well. My hope is that this book will help you overcome your dream obstacles, mountains preventing you from living your dreams and empower and equip you to live your dreams boldly. you can find the book on amazon or click here