From April 1-June 30, we’re encouraging members to show their Chamber pride; online, at events (Chamber and Non-Chamber) and out in community–especially at member businesses. Read on to learn how to participate:

The purpose of the “I Belong”  (#pwchamber) campaign is to raise awareness of WHO the Chamber is and WHAT we do. Join fellow members of the Prince William Chamber of Commerce in generating positive public relations and goodwill, while promoting pride in membership. Help us remind non-members that belonging is where its at if they want a healthy business and community! This year we’re also encouraging you to “Shop Local. Shop Chamber.” More on that below…

Think back: before you joined the Chamber, did you really know what a Chamber of Commerce does? Many people, even business owners and managers have no idea! The fact is that every member has different reasons for belonging.  That’s why we’re asking you to help us continue the conversation this year by telling WHY you belong!
Display your pride in membership, and not only will more people begin to understand what your Chamber does, you might just start seeing more new faces at upcoming events! Remember to ALWAYS us #PWchamber. Your post can’t be found without it! Want us to share  your post? As long as you tag the Chamber, we’ll share every single one!


Pick up an “I Belong” button at any PW Chamber event, or at the Chamber offices. You can also download the “I Belong” graphics:
“I Belong” Cover Image for Facebook // “I Belong” Cover Image for LinkedIn // “I Belong” Cover Image for Twitter // “I Belong” Profile Image // I Belong 85×11(Printable)


Make sure that both you and your business are following the Chamber on Facebook  and/or Twitter (@PWchamber).

Step 3: START POSTING (April 1-June 30)

Post photos of yourself on Facebook and Twitter with your “I Belong” button or other signage (available in the downloads) while at meetings, at your place of business or other events in the community.
Hints & Ideas:

  • From your business page…
    • Tell followers that your organization belongs.  Simply say “We Belong! #PWchamber.” Your followers will certainly wonder what that’s all about. Curiosity breeds interest!
    • Tell WHY your organization belongs–every member is unique and we can’t wait to hear what you love about membership!
    • Show photos of your staff wearing “I Belong” buttons, holding the Chamber Directory and/or with logo’d promotional items bearing your corporate image.
    • Show a member of your staff visiting a member location and tell why you love doing business with that member. Use #PWchamber #ShopLocal (making you part of a worldwide movement)
  • From your personal page…
    • Post photos of yourself and friends at Chamber events/meetings, out to dinner at a member restaurant, really anywhere. Pride in membership is always in style!
    • Post photos of yourself Shopping Chamber! Supporting fellow member businesses is always a good idea. Remember to use #PWchamber #ShopLocal (making you part of a worldwide movement). We encourage you to tell your favorite thing about that that location!
    • Tell WHY you belong–every person in every company has a unique perspective and we want to hear what you love about membership!


This year we’re also encouraging you to visit a fellow member business and tell the world why you love doing business with them.  Look for special directions in Chamber emails and social media on ways to follow the trend. Each week we’ll direct you to a different area of the community to shop/buy/eat/visit/do business. Participate only as often as you can!
All you need to do is post photos of yourself or a member of your staff visiting a member location and tell why you love doing business with that member. Use #PWchamber #ShopLocal (All of a sudden you’re part of a worldwide movement). 
Look for fellow member posts on the Chamber’s pages when you follow us on Facebook and Twitter. For further clarification, call a member of the Chamber staff at 703-368-6600.