With a new calendar year comes a new tax year, new contribution limits, and in general, a reset of your household and personal finances. Your local library has tools to help you get your new “fiscal year” off to a solid start.

Since many IRAs have the option to pick different mutual funds or stocks, savvy investors know that choosing wisely can maximize the benefit of their 401, Roth, or other plan. Prince William Public Libraries’ Digital Library provides patrons with access to the Morningstar Investment Research Center and the Value Line Investment Survey at pwcva.gov/digitallibraryThe two services overlap somewhat, but in general, Morningstar is stronger on mutual funds, and Value Line has a greater depth of information on individual stocks. Neither site can promise future performance, of course, but both have detailed, verified, and documented analyses of hundreds of funds and thousands of stocks. They can be very helpful for retirement investing.

If you are looking to make a major household purchase in the new year, Consumer Reports remains one of the best sources for objective reviews and test results of a wide spectrum of common consumer products, including cars. The automobile research center now combines local sales information with car reviews so shoppers can get verified ratings of available new and used cars in real-time.

These are just some of the options available to patrons through the Digital Library. There’s no better way to ensure a successful new year than to get on top of your personal finances from the beginning. Your local library can be a partner in that project!

Prince William Public Libraries is also coordinating with AARP Tax Aide to provide free tax assistance at Bull Run and Chinn Park Libraries. Learn more at pwcva.gov/news/aarp-tax-aide-free-tax-assistance-2022-tax-returns.