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“Every Baby Deserves a Home” campaign

Carried To Full Term April 21, 2020 Comments Off on “Every Baby Deserves a Home” campaign
“Every Baby Deserves a Home” campaign
Unfortunately, due to the uncertainty of the effect of COVID-19 in the coming months, Carried To Full Term has had to cancel all of our in-person fundraising events.
We are asking local organizations, businesses and media outreach to assist us in spreading the word about our “ Every Baby Deserves a Home” campaign. We have combined several of our fundraisers into a singular campaign. This campaign has a monetary goal of $20,000 that will help us further the mission of providing housing for mothers and equipping them with the necessary tools to become independent and self-sufficient.
Click here to check out our campaign. We appreciate any amount that you can comfortably give. Collectively, we can make a difference!
Please click Join us and help us spread the word and our work.
We invite you to visit our updated website.  It has been improved to help you easily navigate to find information and follow our stories.

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