My name is Maurine Kwende, CEO & Founder of EMK Learning Solutions LLC. When I was a teenager, I watched a tv show and this business magnet had a chain of hotels he managed and made an impact in the community. I wish I could recall the name of the show but from watching this show, I got inspired to one day be an entrepreneur. I dreamed of owning a hotel in every city in the world. Years later, I found a career in human resource development and was blessed with a mentor who owns a company in Florida and I learned so much from her and in 2018, my dream came to reality , EMK Learning Solutions LLC was born. We do provide custom elearning, leadership training ,professional development workshops and coaching services.

From coaching clients I realized there was a trend, most of the women I coached didnt see themselves as good enough, lacking in clarity and purpose. While I helped the clients overcome this problem, I got inspired to empower not one but reach out to as many women as possible to create greater impact. I also got inspired to empower girls from a young age with the tools they need to empower them to not only dream big but live it boldly authentically and unapologetically. Thats how I came up with this brilliant idea and I look forward to serve women in this upcoming two day virtual workshop to empower women and girls to not only dream big but live it boldly and unapologetically.

This two-day virtual workshop will be an experience like no other. Participants will walk away from this workshop empowered with actionable strategies to evolve into the authentic version of themselves they truly are.

The workshop will cover:
-The law of awareness, you have to know yourself to grow yourself.
-Strategies to help you build self-confidence, character & self-image.
-Self-leadership, becoming a REAL woman. 

Come fill up your “authentic Leadership Box” today. Learn more and sign up