For many people, challenges motivate them to achieve their fitness goals. Pure Barre taps into this, and hosts several challenges throughout the year. When new members join the studio, they are challenged to attend 12 Pure Barre classes in their first month of membership. This builds a strong understanding of Pure Barre technique and jumpstarts their journey! 

We also participate in national challenges like the Fall Fit Challenge. Pure Barre members across the country were challenged to take 30 Classes in 60 Days. Pure Barre Woodbridge had 79 members complete this! One member said, “I loved the Fall Fit challenge. It was that extra push needed to ensure I stuck to my own goal of at least 4 classes per week! And I loved that it wasn’t a competition against each other but for each other. We all supported one another as they achieved their 30 classes!” Once the challenge was over, members celebrated with an exclusive finisher class and a beer from a local brewery! 

Join us for our next in-studio challenge: Pure Barre Holiday Bingo! With each bingo, you get a raffle ticket for a chance to win a holiday gift basket. Examples of bingo squares include: hold a plank for 90 seconds, take an early morning class, and spend time with friends outside of the studio.

When the new year rolls around, Pure Barre will start the 2022 Annual Challenge. Members are challenged to take 15 classes per month all twelve months of the year! This massive challenge ensures continued excitement and focus towards your goals. 

Whether you know challenges will motivate you, or you’re not sure, join us at Pure Barre Woodbridge and try it out. You’ll be supported along the way with friends you meet in class, knowledgeable teachers, and friendly employees! Give us a call at 703-904-6322 or visit our website to book your first class. 

Madalynn Amos is a Sales Associate for Pure Barre Woodbridge. When not working, she enjoys taking Pure Barre classes, reading, and spending time with her family.