Your Chamber hosts more than 125 events each year, all of which feature opportunities to promote your business directly to fellow business leaders.  These sponsorships come in a variety of levels and pricing, allowing for custom-tailored marketing.  Look at our events calendar and plan to target an audience, area of interest or time of year.  Opportunities begin at just $125 and are a great way to define your company.  Visibility varies from having your business name promoted during the event to time at the podium.  Sample sponsorship benefits may include:

  • Podium time-Have an entire room of business leaders as your audience
  • Display opportunities-Interact¬†directly with potential clients, business partners
  • Pre and Post Event Coverage– Your company associated with¬†event promotions
  • Premium Seating – The best seat in the house can be yours

Contact our sales team to develop a sponsorship package that meets your marketing and budget goals; call 703-368-6600.

See how event sponsor Internet Ad Management owner Bruce Moore used his podium time…

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