Prince William Chamber of Commerce

Event Sponsorships

Your Chamber hosts more than 125 events each year, all of which feature opportunities to promote your business directly to fellow business leaders.  These sponsorships come in a variety of levels and pricing, allowing for custom-tailored marketing.  Look at our events calendar and plan to target an audience, area of interest or time of year.  Opportunities begin at just $125 and are a great way to define your company.  Visibility varies from having your business name promoted during the event to time at the podium.  Sample sponsorship benefits may include:

  • Podium time-Have an entire room of business leaders as your audience
  • Display opportunities-Interact¬†directly with potential clients, business partners
  • Pre and Post Event Coverage– Your company associated with¬†event promotions
  • Premium Seating – The best seat in the house can be yours

Contact our sales team to develop a sponsorship package that meets your marketing and budget goals; call 703-368-6600.

See how event sponsor Internet Ad Management owner Bruce Moore used his podium time…



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